From England to Ecuador and beyond

From England to Ecuador and beyond

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Salt flats & desert - day 3

Written Tuesday 22 April

13 hours in a 4x4 (otherwise known as the sweat box) after a 5am start in the freezing cold, I think gruelling is an accurate description of the day. Have just been out for a huge pizza with the gang to celebrate having sat in a car scoffing biscuits for 3 days! Found black tea on the menu much to my relief and succumbed to my withdrawal symptoms by downing 3 mugs in half an hour (got my third free!) and bought a small supply from behind the bar for future occasions when I'm faced with a miserable choice between chamomile and some other hideous herbal concoction. Was SO happy, tea seriously works absolute wonders.

So does wildlife in its natural habitat - seeing hundreds of flamingoes (3 different species) in the red lagoon - algae transforms the colour during certain hours of the day - was incredible and broke up the monotony of dusty desert driving.

Managed to get quite close and even saw a baby flamingo - had no idea they were grey before turning hot pink/pale pink/white depending on the species.

Also stopped to see geysers (where we reached 5000 metres) and hot springs on the way back, although the day consisted mainly of driving. Next stop, Potosi!