From England to Ecuador and beyond

From England to Ecuador and beyond

About Me

Hey! I'm Jenny (otherwise known as Jen/Bean/J-Dog).

I'm a pint-sized solo traveller with a passion for seeing new places and living life to the max! I'm convinced there's more to life than getting caught up in the daily grind in South East England at the grand old age of 24, which is why I quit my job as Content Editor for a Windsor-based company back in February to fulfill a long-held dream which I kept postponing (until recent circumstances made it possible - see my very first post). 

I'm on a mission to visit all four corners of the globe - which may take a lifetime to accomplish but I'm happy with that! I began my travels in South America and the United States between April and June 2014, I braved the Ebola scare to visit Kenya & Tanzania in August and spent September in Cape Town. I dabbled in Europe and South East Asia then flew across to Melbourne in November, where I lived & worked for several months before jetting off to New Zealand in April - my first new travel destination in 2015! I'm just coming to the end of a month exploring the Oz east coast, and am all set to start a new job in Hervey Bay aboard a whale watching boat in July!
Gliding past dramatic natural landscapes in icy Antarctica, working in Canada and exploring Central America also feature on my extensive travel 'to-do' list. While my travels are designed primarily around wildlife encounters and beautiful landscapes, I'm keen to immerse myself in new cultures and meet new people. Every single travel-related thing I do, whether it's booking a hostel or trekking down into the Grand Canyon, represents another step towards finding my muchness - and having the time of my life.

Happy reading!